Odontologist, oral surgeon – oral surgery sevices.

A member of the Odontologists’ Chamber of the Republic of Lithuania. Licence No. OPL-05695.
Kauno Denticija, Vytauto pr. 14, Kaunas
4 years of practice.
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completed a residency in oral surgery at the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences.
graduated from the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences and obtained the qualification of an odontologist.

Odontologist`s biography

Theoretical and practical course “Straumann Pro Arch protocol for effective practice”, Oral surgeon Paulius Petravičius and dental technician Mantas Malinauskas, 2018.
6th BOA and LSMU Congress and Consensus Conference, 2017.
Practical course “Basics of dental implantation”, Dr. Algirdas Puisys, 2017.
"Theoretical and practical course “One-time implantation: advantages and disadvantages. A conservative approach to the site of tooth extraction ”, Oral surgeon Avi Kuperschlag, 2017. "
3rd International European Conference “Interdisciplinary aspects of craniomandibular disorders”, 2016.
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Physician periodontologist Dr. Professional qualification improvement courses regulated by A. Puisis

Osteoplasty of alveolar regrowth of the jaw.
Implantation of the lower jaw Oral soft tissue plastic.
Implantation in the aesthetic zone Closed lifting of the dorsal base of the upper jaw required for dental implantation.
Implantation in the lateral area of the lateral teeth of the upper jaw.

Published scientific articles

“Chronic stress influence on bone minerals and IGF-1”. Stomatologija - Baltic Dental and Maxillofacial Journal, 2017.
“Hyperbaric oxygen therapy usage in alveolitis and osteomyelitis treatment”. Stomatologija - Baltic Dental and Maxillofacial Journal, 2017m.
“Use of micro screws in orthodontic treatment”. Magazine“Stomatologija”, 2016.


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