Dental practitioner – therapy, aesthetic dental filling services, restoration of worn off teeth.

Is a member of the Lithuanian Dental Chamber, licence number OPL-05416. A member of the European Prosthodontic Association.
Vytauto Ave. 14, Kaunas
2 years of practice.
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Short biography

2019 y.
Graduated from Vilnius University Faculty of Medicine in 2019, obtained a qualification of a dental practitioner.

Doctor's profile

2020 y.
“First Contact”. Dr Lincoln Harris. Online learning.
2020 y.
“Dentistry Compass 2020”. Druskininkai. Lithuania
2020 y.
“Occlusion Lifting with a Composite”. Lecturer Dr. Adomas Auškalnis.
2020 y.
“Recipies of Odontology”. Lecturers: Dr Attila Bodrogi, Dr Giuseppe Chiodera, assoc. Dr Saulius Drukteinis, Prof. Dr Marco Ferrari, Dr Peter Gehrke, Dr. Simonas Grybauskas, Ihor Pakhomov, Dr Jotautas Kaktys, d.t. Tautvilas Kaktys, Dr Mindaugas Kudelis, Prof. Dr Christian J. Mehl, Prof. Dr Ambrosina Michelotti, Prof. Dr Lambis Petridis, Dr Harry Reintsema, Dr Nathalie Vosselman, Dr Sebastiaan A. H. J. De Visscher, Prof. Dr Vygantas Rutkūnas, Dr Jurgita Šybaitė.
2019 y.
“Restoration of Dental Biomechanics and Aesthetics: Glass and Zirconium Oxide Ceramics. Microprosthesis: Veneers, Overlays, Crowns”. Lecturer: Dr Tygintas Jonaitis. Kaunas, Lithuania.
2019 y.
“Odontology Without Dramas”. Lecturer: Dr Bassam Hassam, Dr Aistė Gintautė, Prof. Matthias Kern, Dr Francesco Mangano, Dr Simona Mizgirytė, Laurynas Narbutas, Dr Aušra Ramanauskaitė, Raimondas Savickas, Dr Tristan Stass, Dr Eglė Zasčiurinskienė, Dr Tadas Korţinskas. Kaunas, Lithuania
2018 y.
Practical Courses “Anatomy of a Great Filling”. Lecturer: Dr Mindaugas Kudelis. Vilnius, Lithuania.
2018 y.
“Endodontics 2018”. Lecturers: Prof. Dr Luis E. Chavez de Paz, Prof. Dr Francesco Mannocci, Dr Rita Vėberienė, assoc. Dr Rasmutė Manelienė, assoc. Dr Saulius Drukteinis, assoc. Dr Vilma Brukienė, Dr Greta Lodienė, Dr Tadas Venskutonis, Dr Indrė Graunaitė, Dr Eglė Nedzinskienė, Lect. Jūratė Tekonienė, assoc. Dr Vygantas Rutkūnas. Vilnius, Lithuania.
2018 y.
“Direct Aesthetic Restorations – Recipes for Success”. Lecturers: Dr Marcelo Balsamo, Dr Tana Sakalauskienė. Vilnius, Lithuania.
2018 y.
“Innovations for Anterior Dental Adhesive Restorations”. Lecturer: Prof. Pascal Magne. Vilnius, Lithuania.
2017 y.
“Replicating Nature-Created Morphology: A Master Course in Direct Anterior Restorations”. Lecturer: Dr Jason Smithson. Vilnius, Lithuania.
2017 y.
“Direct Restorations of Molars: From the Endodontic Cavity to Final Polishing”. Lecturer: Dr Walter Dias. Vilnius, Lithuania.
2017 y.
“Subtleties of Direct Restoration of Anterior Teeth with a Aomposite”. Lecturer: Dr Walter Dias. Vilnius, Lithuania.
2016 y.
“Modern Dentistry”. Vilnius, Lithuania.
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V. Grybo Str. 32/10, Vilnius
+370 527 09125
Vilniaus Str. 25, Vilnius
+370 526 60010
Vytauto Ave. 14, Kaunas
+370 372 20202

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