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5 Myths about dental care

March 1d., 2020

We can often hear myths about oral health and dental care, believing in which we can harm our teeth and overall oral health. Make sure you are aware of these 5 myths about dental care and whether they don’t stop you from having a flawless and healthy smile.

1. The more times you brush your teeth during the day, the cleaner and healthier they will be.
FALSE! Your teeth should be brushed twice a day in the morning and evening or as recommended by your dentist. Brushing your teeth too often will not make them healthier, on the contrary, brushing with a toothbrush can damage the top layer of enamel.

2. Teeth should only be repaired if they hurt.
FALSE! A damaged tooth may not hurt. The actual condition of the teeth can only be assessed by a dentist, so it is important to visit a dentist regularly for an examination or professional oral hygiene, during which the condition of the teeth is assessed.

3. Wisdom teeth must be removed.
FALSE! Wisdom teeth should only be removed if they are erupting or have already erupted irregularly, obstruct nearby teeth, or are damaged and irreparable. Straight and beautifully erupted wisdom teeth are beneficial in that they take over part of the chewing load. If there are no other teeth left, it can serve as a support for dental prosthetics. Wisdom teeth can also replace lost molars. For example, if you have one of your molars removed and your wisdom tooth has already erupted, orthodontic treatment can help to move a wisdom tooth to replace a lost molar. By compensating for the lost tooth in this way, the jawbone is prevented from dissolving and other teeth are preserved. In addition, when the resulting gap is filled, the former teeth regain support and do not change their position.

4. Orthodontic treatment is for children only.
FALSE! Although orthodontic treatment is most common among children and adolescents, it is also possible and acceptable in adults. For those who don’t want to wear braces, a great solution is straightening aligners that are invisible and can be removed while eating, talking, or on important occasions.

5. Teeth whitening damages tooth enamel.
FALSE! In clinics, we use the safest teeth whitening system “Beyond”. Research has shown that the use of hydrogen peroxide for teeth whitening is effective and safe. Teeth whitening with hydrogen peroxide does not change or damage the structure of the teeth, it only makes them whiter, and the whitening gel is exposed to cold light at low temperatures and this minimally irritates the nerves of the teeth. Gums during whitening are protected with a special material. This whitening technique provides patient safety, satisfaction and comfort.

Don’t delay your visit to the dentist, sign up now and make sure the myths about dental care don’t stop you from enjoying a healthy and beautiful smile.

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