Orthodontic treatment

Ideal smile and new eating habits – all with the help of straightening aligners

July 12d., 2020

“I was surprised to find out that straightening your teeth is never too late,” says Nadežda, one of the many patients of the dental clinic “Denticija” who successfully completed a course of teeth straightening with clear aligners. Straightening with teeth aligners is a modern, fast and almost unnoticed method of teeth correction. By wearing clear aligners, patients can live usual daily routine without feeling any discomfort. Read Nadežda’s story of success in straightening teeth with clear aligners.

Nadežda, tell us what was your teeth situation before you started straightening with aligners?

I’m not hiding, my teeth were in bad condition before straightening. The teeth were crooked, but I didn’t pay much attention to this before. I noticed that the situation is only getting worse: the teeth curve, it became visible to other people. I hesitantly asked my dentist if it was too late to straighten my teeth. The doctor explained that it is definitely not late, straightening can be done at any age. I registered for an orthodontist consultation and started to search information about possible ways of straightening teeth. Before, I did not know about any teeth straightening options.