Dental implantation

Is dental implantation really expensive?

October 2d., 2019

Most dentists recommend dental implants for those who have lost one or more teeth and are looking for the best way to restore them. However, there are people for whom dental implants do not seem to be the right solution. The most common reasons are the dreaded belief that it is a difficult operation and the rumor that the prices of dental implants are unbearable. Knowing what determines dental implant prices makes it easier to understand why they cost so much and that it is an investment in a long-term solution to the problem.

1. A dental implant is not a simple tool
These dental restorations are made of the highest quality titanium. This metal forms a peculiar screw that is screwed into the jaw and represents the true root of the tooth. Only the diligence and craftsmanship of the manufacturers and prosthetists determine that the implants are long-lasting.

2. The result is determined by the team restoring the smile
The cost of dental implants is also determined by the costs associated with your dentist’s skills and competencies revealed when attaching a dental implant to your jaw. Implant threading is a complex and extremely precise procedure. Dentists must have a large wealth of knowledge, be professional, and this requires long hours of training.

3. There is a huge return on investment
When evaluating the return on investment that you will get by choosing dental restorations with implants, you will understand that the prices of dental implants are not high. Dental implants allow you to enjoy a beautiful, healthy, natural-looking smile. When restoring teeth with implants, there is no need to worry that the dentures will fall out or it will not hold firmly: the plate attached to them allows you to smile boldly and eat.

4. Dentures are not always a good alternative
Dentures are a cheaper solution if you lose teeth, but they are not long-lasting, they need to be replaced with new ones after a few years. Properly maintained dental implants remain functional throughout life.

5. There is no need for as many implants as there are lost teeth
If the whole mouth is toothless, you really don’t need 32 implants to restore both jaws. Modern technology allows you to restore the teeth of the whole mouth with just 4 or 6 implants.

No investment in health should be considered too expensive. No other method of dental restoration is as durable, comfortable, and long-lasting as dental implants. It is a treatment that will allow you to regain a smile, smile boldly, eat and live a full life.

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