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January 4d., 2020

“Dental prosthetics are only for people of retirement age and only they can receive state compensation.” s one of the biggest floating myths. The truth is that not only pensioners but also children can receive the right to receive flat-rate compensation for dental prosthetics from the territorial health insurance funds (THIFs). We answer the most frequently asked questions about prosthetic compensation for children:

Ar all children under the age of 18 entitled to dental prosthesis services reimbursed from the CHIF budget?
Children are reimbursed for dental prosthesis services if they are diagnosed with the following diseases and disorders:
-disorders of tooth development and eruption, K00 (disease code according to ICD-10-AM);
-impacted teeth, K01;
-diseases of pulp and periapical tissues, K04, if the root is not formed and the root apex is open (apexogenesis and apexophification methodology);
-gingivitis and periodontal diseases, K05;
-other disorders of gingiva and edentulous alveolar ridge, K06;
-other disorders of teeth and supporting structures, K08.

What dental prosthesis are used to prosthetic children’s teeth?
If the chewing function is still developing, the prosthesis is made with temporary dentures made of polymerizable polymers in the laboratory or with standard protective crowns, and if the chewing system is substantially formed, the prosthesis is made with long-term structural dental prostheses.

What is the amount of dental prosthesis reimbursed?
Children whose chewing function is still developing during prosthetics with temporary dentures made of polymerizable polymers or standard protective crowns and whose health condition meets the indications determined by law are reimbursed according to the actual cost of dentures, but not more than 257.63 points.

Children whose chewing system has essentially formed, when prosthetics are made with long-term structural dentures and whose state of health complies with the indications determined by law shall be reimbursed on the basis of the actual cost of dentures, but not more than 1,553.24 points.

What to do?
1. Register for a free consultation at a dental clinic.
2. Come for a visit so that dentists can examine children’s teeth and assess the situation.
3. If prosthetics are required, register with the outpatient dental clinic assigned to you.
4. To fill in the application for reimbursement of the costs of dental prosthetics to the Territorial Health Insurance Fund.
5. Return to the dental clinic for pediatric dental prosthetics.

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