The price of the Preventive Infection Package changes

May 9d., 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic forced the Ministry of Health to establish procedures for infection control measures for various industries, including dentistry. These conditions must be met by any dental clinic returning to work after the full quarantine.
Combining a Preventive Infection Package of disposable and reusable measures costs € 24.05. Such is the current additional cost of a patient and dentist meeting in the background of COVID-19. Last week’s speeches showed that because of the current situation, patients are directing dissatisfaction to dentists.

The situation is exhausting: before the quarantine, a package (50 pcs.) of disposable masks cost about 4 euros. Today, you have to pay about 24 euros for the same package. The change in the prices of other measures is similar. In other words, if we had acquired the measures before the quarantine, the price of the Preventive Infection Package would have been about 4-5 euros.
In the first weeks, material prices were extremely high. However, we are already seeing that we are getting better prices for future purchases. We have calculated that the price of the package will drop to 12.60 euros from JUNE 1. The price of the COVID-19 package in the clinic is calculated only on the basis of the purchase cost. We buy for a maximum of one to two weeks (depending on the delivery time of the measures).

We will review and check the package price on a weekly basis. We do not take any euro collected to ourselves. However, we are unable to pay for this at this time. In other words, if we paid for it, we would not survive. If you feel that a visit to the dentist is not necessary at this time, postpone it.
We understand people’s dissatisfaction, so we try to plan one longer visit instead of several visits. The money for the hygiene package does not go to dentists, but to the manufacturers of preventive measures. In this way, we do not seek to accuse someone, but we also do not want to take someone else’s responsibility.
Prices of preventive measures during the Covid-19 pandemic for the dentist and assistant:
Disposable medical robes (x 2) Eur 6.00
Respirator (x 2) Eur 6.00
Disinfectant fluids, washing of additional medical clothing, protective shields These costs are paid by the clinic
Disposable shoe covers (x 2) Eur 0.20
Disposable medical caps (x 2) Eur 0.40

The first week of work was not easy. We had to adapt to the changed nature of work. But everything goes smoothly. Thank you to the clinic staff for their efforts and, of course, to our patients for their patience and understanding.

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