Territorial Health Insurance Fund or state compensation
Private health insurance
Deferred payment
Payment by leasing

The Territorial Health Insurance Funds (Lithuanian – TLK) have a part of the funds of the Compulsory Health Insurance Fund (Lithuanian – PSDF) transferred by the National Health Insurance Fund (Lithuanian – VLK), which is used to pay for medical services in accordance with the established procedure.

We have concluded agreements with all Territorial Health Insurance Funds: Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, Panevėžys and Šiauliai.

The Health Insurance Funds, from the funds of the Compulsory Health Insurance Fund budget, pay the insured patients for the following services provided in the clinic:

  • coating of children’s teeth with sealants, agreements with all Territorial Health Insurance Funds (specialist’s comment is given at the bottom),
  • dental prosthetics, agreements with all Territorial Health Insurance Funds (specialist’s comment is given at the bottom).

“Denticija” has concluded agreements with the following insurance companies:

  V. Grybo Str. 32/10
Vilniaus Str. 25
Vytauto Ave. 14, Kaunas
+ + -
+ + +
+ + +
+ + +
- + +
- + +

With health insurance, in one of the companies mentioned, the patient will pay part of the price for the services provided or not pay at all. Conditions depend on the insurance policy. This part of the costs covered by the insurance is paid by the company directly to the clinic.

Patients with private health insurance are required to present an identity document and insurance book or card upon arrival at the clinic.

This method of payment is offered to the patient after signing an unprotested bill.

We provide an opportunity to postpone payment for services received for a period of up to 3 months. The postponement opportunity applies to an amount up to EUR 1000. The chosen amount can be paid in instalments or in a single instalment until the end of the agreed period. Payment can be made by cash, bank card or bank transfer.

The opportunity of payment postponement shall be offered according to following conditions:

  • the patient is an adult or presents parents’ (guardians’) consent
  • it is not a very first treatment for the patient
  • the patient does not have any debts to the clinic,
  • the patient works and resides in Lithuania.


This payment method is offered if the amount is from EUR 50 to 15000.

The patient can choose:

  • postponement of the first payment for up to 3 months,
  • date of payments.

To use the leasing service, the patient shall personally arrive to the clinic and present an identity document. Statutory civil servant shall present an identity document, a certificate from the workplace on accrued and paid salary or a bank account statement (not older than 2 weeks, for the last 4 calendar months) and a certificate of a statutory civil servant.

The consultants of the clinics are ready to answer all your questions regarding the payment for services by leasing, so patients do not need to consult with leasing companies. Necessary leasing agreements can be concluded at the clinic, immediately after consulting with the doctor.

Free consultation

Specialists of the clinic will provide all the necessary information on the methods of payment which suit You most.

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