Territorial Health Insurance Fund

I have received letter from the Territorial Health Insurance Fund. What shall I do?

After receiving the letter from the Territorial Health Insurance Fund about patient's inclusion in the List of persons waiting for dental prosthetics, the patients shall wait when it will be their turn (you will be informed again about that) or perform dental prosthetics at their own expense, with a subsequent submission of the request for compensation.

Where can I find out if I can get a compensation from the Territorial Health Insurance Fund?

If you wish to get compensation, you must first contact the dentist of your medical institution, where you are registered, for your inclusion to the queue of patients waiting for dental procedures. The funds of the Territorial Health Insurance Fund can cover cost of children's dental sealants and dental prosthetics services.

Payment procedures

Can I pay for the services in instalments?

The clinics have concluded agreements with leasing companies, so it is possible to pay for the services provided by leasing. We also have consultants who are ready to provide the necessary information and conclude leasing agreements.


Where can I find prices for services?

You can find prices for services here: Price list.


Where can I find out more about doctors' skills?

You can find doctors' biographies, studied courses, training and other competencies in the personal doctors' profiles: Our professionals.

How to choose a doctor for procedures?

Clinics employ specialists of various fields. More detailed information about the specialist and exact services can be found HERE: Our professionals.

Root canal treatment

How root canal treatment is planned?

Root canal treatment is performed in stages. First, the doctor removes pulp tissues and infection from the tooth canal system. After that, the tooth canal is correctly formed and is prepared for filling. Finally, the tooth canal is filled.

How many procedures may be needed?

Each treatment plan, either for root canal treatment or for any other treatment, is individual. The exact number of visits can be decided by the endodontist, but the average duration of treatment includes from ...... to ....... visits.


Are these procedures painful?

Periodontal procedures are performed with local anaesthesia. The procedures last a little longer, as the treatment should be extremely exact and precise.

Dental laminates

Are dental laminates harmful to tooth enamel?

When applying dental laminates, the enamel is sanded minimally, i.e., 0.3 – 1 mm. Therefore, it is a safe and tissue-saving method of treatment.

Can dental laminates be whitened?

During teeth whitening procedure, aesthetic filling restoration or dental laminate on the teeth will not turn white, so it is recommended to do teeth whitening first and then other procedures.

Preventive dental health (oral hygiene)

How do I know when it is appropriate to perform oral hygiene procedure?

Professional oral hygiene should be done periodically. The required periodicity of visits is indicated by an oral hygiene specialist. This procedure shall be done at least 2 times a year.

Wisdom teeth removal

Is it possible to remove a tooth which is in a horizontal position?

Yes, it is possible. However, the procedure for removing of such teeth lasts a little longer than the procedure for removal of erupted tooth or tooth in an upright position.

How long may the procedure for removing wisdom teeth last?

The duration of the wisdom tooth removal procedure lasts differently. Depending on whether it is a simple pulling or a surgery. A specific duration of the procedure can be told by an oral surgeon who knows the patient's situation.

Aesthetic filling

Are aesthetic filling restorations long-lasting?

Restorations of aesthetic filling need to be renewed after some time. However, properly cared and done correctly, these restorations last as long as possible.

Is this procedure painful?

Aesthetic filling procedure is completely painless. It does not require any anaesthesia.

Teeth whitening

What is it not allowed to do after teeth whitening procedure?

For 24 hours after whitening procedure, you should avoid colouring foods and drinks and do not smoke.

When is it best to do teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is recommended before aesthetic restorations or application of dental laminates. And if you are going to do teeth restoration after teeth whitening, it is recommended to do it 10-14 days after whitening procedure.

Dental implantation

Does the implantation procedure require general anaesthesia?

Most implantation procedures are performed using local anaesthesia.

Dental prostheses

What types of dental prostheses can be used?

Prosthetics is possible with metal-free ceramic, metal ceramic crowns, bridge prostheses, prostheses on implants, plates and complex arc support prostheses (hybrid construction prostheses).

Orthodontic treatment

What orthodontic treatment options are offered in clinics?

Clinics offer the possibility of teeth straightening with metal or transparent braces, as well as with clear aligners.

Paediatric dentistry

Do you issue certificates about the condition of children's teeth for educational institutions?

We are currently issuing paper certificates, but we are going to start the electronic certificate system soon.

Can parents somehow calm their children before the first visit to the dentist?

The first visit to the dentist is like psychological preparation. Later, after the patient is "prepared" psychologically, the planned treatment will start.

Teeth straightening with clear aligners

How long do I need to wear aligners?

During the day, you need to wear aligners for 20-22 hours. The aligners must be removed before eating, but it is necessary to wear them when sleeping and for the rest of the day.

What is it not allowed to do when I wear aligners?

You are not allowed to eat, chew gum while wearing the aligners.

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