For those who are afraid of a dentist, children and adults, we offer to perform procedures using local anaesthesia, intravenous sedation and general anaesthesia.

Intravenous sedation is a drug-induced inhibition of consciousness from which the patient can be easily awakened. In a calm and relaxed patient, it is easier to perform the necessary dental procedures. Sedation is performed in conjunction with an anaesthesiologist doctor, therefore, all necessary assistance and monitoring of the patient during the procedures is ensured.

Once the procedures have been completed, patients are easy to awaken and are conscious, but they may feel drowsy, so it is recommended to come to these procedures with an escort who will be able to take care of them. It is advised not to plan any important activities on the day of sedation, not to eat 6 hours before the procedure and not to drink for 4 hours. Wear loose, comfortable clothes.

We offer anaesthesia with nitrous oxide gas (“entertaining”). This gas causes relaxation and sleepiness. The gas is safe for both the patient and the dentist and assistant performing the procedures. A few deep gas inhalations through your nose are enough to achieve comfort. No special preparation is required before this anaesthesia, you just need not eat a few hours before the procedures. After this procedure, the awakened patient does not feel dizzy and may leave the clinic after half an hour.

Price list


26 €

Bendroji nejautra

Long-term general anaesthesia
370 €
General anesthesia (third and following hours)
100 €

Nejautra linksminamosiomis dujomis

Insensitivity to laughing gas (nitrous oxide) for children
100 €
Insensitivity to laughing gas (nitrous oxide) for adults
100 €
Mask sedation (Sevoflurane)
130 €


Bendroji nejautra

Short-term general anaesthesia
110 €
Medium-term general anaesthesia
170 €
Long-term general anaesthesia
220 €

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