About us

The company “Denticija” has been the very first private dental clinic to start operating shortly after the restoration of the Independence of Lithuania. Therefore, the owner of the clinic, Saulius Karosas, can be considered as a pioneer of private medicine in contemporary Lithuania.

Today, the company “Denticija” owns four daughter companies: three dental clinics in Vilnius and Kaunas, and one of the largest dental technician laboratories in the Baltic States.

Why do people choose the company “Denticija”?


For the person who visits the clinic and the person who works here.
A treatment plan is to be provided for each patient who intends to invest more than 500 EUR in their smile. This document records the patient’s expectations, research findings, and possible treatments and is the course, duration and required investment of the future treatment chosen by the patient. This document also becomes a commitment of our clinic to the future outcome of the treatment.


By improving the treatment outcomes, patient comfort, service culture as well as the functioning of the team, we move forward every year. We disseminate our experience within the company “Denticija” so that all our patients can use it.


Quality is our promise to you. We know that we must always fulfil our commitment.

We aim to continue to remain one of the most famous and favourite systems of dental clinics in Lithuania. We understand that for this, we need to grow with you. Our immediate plans are to ensure not only treatment for all age groups, but also the availability of the preventive services. We want and strive for Lithuanians, the health of their smiles, as well as not to lag behind our neighbours from Scandinavia.

We are grateful that you entrust the care of your smile to us!


Latest technologies

In our efforts to keep up with technological breakthroughs, we are constantly introducing new equipment to facilitate procedures not only for patients, but also for doctors. We use 3Shape TRIOS scanner, microscopes and other apparatus in our clinics to ensure high-quality treatment.

Financing options

To adapt to patients' expectations, we have prepared all possible options for payment for dental services provided. Clinics specialists are ready to provide the necessary information and answer the questions that arise.

Certified specialists

Dentists, oral hygienists, assistants as well as service personnel working in clinics regularly improve and deepen their knowledge and competencies in various seminars, courses, trainings.

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years of experience

Latest technology

3SHAPE TRIOS - skaitmeninis dantų skenavimas.

To follow technological innovations in clinics we provide services using the latest technology. We carry out treatments with devices that reduce unpleasant feelings for patients and make the work of dentists easier.




By phone

Laisves Ave. 10A, Vilnius
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V. Grybo Str. 32/10, Vilnius
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Vilniaus Str. 25, Vilnius
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Vytauto Ave. 14, Kaunas
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