Audronė Aurelija Butėnaitė

Odontologist, orthopedic – prosthetic services.

A member of the Odontologists’ Chamber of the Republic of Lithuania. Licence No. OPL – 01259.
Kauno Denticija, Vytauto pr. 14, Kaunas
37 years of practice.
100% recommends
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Short biography

graduated from Kaunas Medical Institute (current KMU) and obtained the qualification of an odontologist.

Odontologist`s biography

Seminar “Treatment of periodontal diseases with reponating and stabilizing splints”, 2008.
Seminar “Prosthetics on implants”, 2007.
Seminar “Clinical endodontics”, 2006.
Seminar “Peculiarities of production of rain dentures”, 2001.
Seminar “Fully removable dentures”, 1999.
Seminar “Dental prosthetics”, 1999.
Seminar “Metal plastic”, 1998.
Seminar “Arch support prostheses”, 1995.
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Patient, Stasė

I want to sincerely thank Dr. A. Butėnaitė for very careful, honest work. Knowing this, feeling
the other person, it means, the patient’s problem, honestly does the doctor’s job. Also, thanks to
nurse Žibute, who also serves Dr. Butėnaitė's patients very kindly and culturally. She reminded
of arrival times and so on, what gave a good mood. Thanks to the managers of this clinic, who
create such a beautiful, helpful service and a polite team.


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+370 372 20202


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