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For the convenience of patients – a flexible billing system for services

January 2d., 2020

When choosing a dental clinic, people evaluate the specialists working there, the environment and the equipment. Today, before making a decision, people also evaluate the payment options provided by the clinic. Taking into account the expectations of patients, we have implemented all the desired payment methods in “Denticija”.

Territorial Health Insurance Fund or state compensation

Territorial Health Insurance Funds (THIF) have at their disposal a part of the funds of the Compulsory Health Insurance Fund (CHIF) transferred by the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF), which is used to pay for medical services in accordance with the established procedure.

Dental clinic “Denticija” has concluded agreements with all Territorial Health Insurance Funds: Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, Panevėžys and Šiauliai.

The health insurance funds, with the funds of the CHIF budget, pay the insured for the following services provided at the clinic:

  • Dental sealants for children, contracts with all THIFs (specialist comment below),
  • dental prosthesis contracts, with all THIFs (specialist comment below).

The services for citizen of the Republic of Lithuania belonging to any THIF must be remunerated.

The said services will be paid for by the THIF to any citizen of the Republic of Lithuania covered by the CHIF. These services are paid for by any citizen of the Republic of Lithuania belonging to the THIF. For silanting, it is sufficient for the patient to contact the clinic on a scheduled basis. Regarding dental prosthetics, first of all, you must apply to the THIF and come to “Denticija” after receiving a reply confirming the right to compensation for prosthetics.

Private health insurance

“Denticija” has concluded agreements with the following insurance companies:

  • BTA Baltic Insurance Company AAS
  • ERGO Life Insurance SE
  • Compensa Life Vienna Insurance Group SE
  • Gjensidige group

 With health insurance, in one of the companies mentioned, the patient will pay part of the price for the services provided or not pay at all. Conditions depend on the insurance policy. This part of the costs covered by the insurance is paid by the company directly to the clinic.

Patients with private health insurance are required to present an identity document and insurance book or card upon arrival at the clinic.

Deferred payment

This is an opportunity provided by the clinic for the patient to defer payment for the services received for a period of up to 3 months. The deferral option applies to amounts up to Eur 1,000. The patient can pay the amount in installments or at once until the end of the agreed period. Payment can be made in cash, by bank card or bank transfer.

The possibility to defer payment is granted to the patient if:

  • the patient is an adult or gives parental (guardian) consent,
  • this is not the first time they have been treated in this clinic.
  • has no debts to the clinic,
  • is working and living in Lithuania.

The patient, who wishes to defer payment, issues a non-protestable bill to the clinic and agrees to pay a fee of Eur 5 for their administration.

If you have any questions regarding deferment of payment, please contact us by phone +370 5279125 or at the clinic at V. Grybo str. 32, Vilnius.


Leasing payment

This payment method is available from 50 to 15 thousand euros.

A patient can choose:

  • deferral period of the down payment of up to 3 months,
  • on the day of payment of contributions.

In order to use the leasing service, the patient must come to the clinic and have an identity document. Statutory civil servant must have an identity document, a certificate from their workplace on the calculated and paid salary or a bank account statement (not older than 2 weeks, for the last 4 calendar months) and a certificate of a statutory civil servant.

If you request payment leasing, contact a customer service specialist (receptionist). The clinic employee concluding the leasing contract works on working days from 8am to 5pm. To find out more or make an appointment in advance, call +370 5279125.

As usual, leasing services can be used by all those who receive a salary under an employment contract or receive regular benefits granted by “Sodra”, civil servants and farmers.

THIF specialist comments

Dental Sealants for Children

Sealants are a material for the prevention of tooth decay that penetrates deep into the grooves and cavities of healthy molars, sealing them and preventing bacteria and carbohydrates from entering, plaque and food residues from accumulating. This protects children’s teeth from decay.

Children aged 6 to 14 can receive dental sealant services paid for by the CHIF budget. Only healthy permanent molars are covered with sealants.

Sealant procedure is a completely painless. The surface of the teeth is cleaned and treated with a special paste and covered with a sealant, which is hardened using a special light. After covering your teeth for the first time, you should see a dentist after 3 months to assess the condition and then check at each preventive check-up. If the sealant comes off, the procedure of coating the molar teeth with sealant materials is repeated.

Dental prosthetics                                                             

According to the legislation, the following categories of insured persons have the right to dental prosthetics reimbursed from the CHIF budget:

  1. persons who have reached retirement age;
  2. children;
  3. incapacitated or partially incapacitated persons;
  4. persons who have been treated for oncological disease of the mouth, face and jaws.

First of all, in order to receive dental prosthesis services reimbursed from the CHIF, a person must apply to the dentist of the Outpatient Services and Primary Care Institution (hereinafter referred to as OSPCI) to which they are registered to determine the need for dental prosthetics and apply for registration in the waiting list. OSPCI will register the application and submit the data to the THIF, and the THIF will add the person to the list of residents waiting for dental prosthetic services and send a mail notification of the person’s inclusion in the list of persons waiting for dental prosthetics. Persons not included in the list of residents awaiting dental prosthetic services are not reimbursed for dental prosthetic services.

We also remind you that a person on the list to receive dental prosthesis has the right to choose whether, after receiving the THIF notification of listing, not to wait until they are invited to receive dental prosthesis and to pay for the dental prosthetic services provided to them, or to wait until the turn comes and then they will be invited to receive dental prosthetic services, reimbursed from the CHIF budget. In both cases, the costs of providing dental prosthesis services are reimbursed only when the turn comes, i.e., when a person acquires the right to compensation in accordance with the procedure established by law.


If, after receiving the THIF notification of inclusion in the waiting list for dental prosthetics, a person decides not to wait until the turn comes and they are invited for dental prosthetics, but to pay for the provided dental prosthetic services himself, in order to be reimbursed for the following services, the person will have to submit to the territorial health insurance fund:

  • A request for reimbursement of these costs, which must specify a personal account with the bank to which the funds will be transferred;
  • A document confirming the payment of the costs of dental prosthetics (invoice issued by the OSPCI where the dental prosthetic services were provided, the original cash register receipt and/(or) cash receipt, and/(or) the original document issued by the bank confirming the execution of the payment, and /(or) a copy of the bank statement certified by the stamp of a bank employee) only when it is the turn comes, the THIF sends a notice of reimbursement of the costs of dental prosthesis services and transfers the reimbursement to the personal account with the bank indicated by the person.

If a person chooses to wait until their turn comes and is invited for dental prosthetic services reimbursed from the CHIF budget, after receiving the certificate of acquired right to compensatory dental prosthetics, they will have to apply to one of the health care institutions that has a contract with the Territorial Health Insurance Fund for the provision of dental prosthetics services.

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