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What to do if a seal has come off or an injury has occurred during quarantine?

May 3d., 2020

Dentist Greta Žumbakytė answered the most frequently asked questions about dental injuries, loss of fillings and what are necessary dental services are provided during quarantine.

What to do if a tooth filling comes off during quarantine?
Each case is individual, so we will discuss a few more common cases. If:

● a small edge of a tooth or filling comes off, you do not need to do anything before you can see your dentist.
● a detached edge is sharp and tears the gums or cheek, then the nail file should be taken, cleaned and disinfected well, and the required tooth area should be filed very carefully.
● a larger filling comes off, sensitivity of the tooth has occurred, chewing on that side should be avoided, especially if the sensitivity is due to changes in temperature. Therefore, you should avoid very cold or hot and hard food, rinse your mouth after each meal, clean the cavity with a floss or interdental brush so that no food residue remains after each meal.
● it hurts, you can use what you have at home: clove, aloe or tea tree oil, propolis (or spirit bee pitch), rinse with saline. Pain medications would also help: Ibuprofen, Ibumetine or Paracetamol, and if the pain is very severe, you cannot sleep and the medications do not help, then you should go to where the necessary dental service is provided.
● inflammation occurs, teeth should be cleaned very well, rinsing with antiseptic solutions several times a day and more often. Also anti-inflammatory drugs (Dolmen or Nimesil) should be used. If these substances do not help, then the necessary dental services are needed.
● your cheeks become swollen, do not delay, seek necessary dental service.

What to do if an injury has occurred?

Seek necessary dental service as soon as possible.

Necessary dental service is provided when there is:
– swelling of the facial tissues and toothache;
– traumatic damage to teeth and jaws;
– bleeding after tooth extraction;
– severe toothache that does not go away with analgesics or anti-inflammatory medicines.

Necessary dental service during working hours is provided by all city outpatient dental clinics, and after working hours, on weekends or holidays in Vilnius by doctors of Žalgiris Clinic at Vilnius University Hospital, in Kaunas – by doctors of Kaunas Clinics at Lithuanian University of Health Sciences. You must first contact your outpatient dental clinic to get the necessary dental care.

We are looking forward to the Government’s decisions on when we will be able to provide dental services to you again!

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