Prosthetic dentistry

Why is it not worth postponing dental prosthetics?

January 1d., 2020

A beautiful and healthy smile is the aspiration of many people. A smile builds confidence and leads to a better personal and professional life. However, due to poor dental care, genes or injuries, not everyone can enjoy a perfect smile. If you lose a tooth or a few, it is recommended not to wait – see a dentist as soon as possible and look for a suitable solution to restore your smile. We share several reasons why dental prosthetics should be performed immediately.

1. Tooth loss leads to a deterioration in the appearance of the face
When a tooth is lost, the jaw bone begins to disappear, as a result of which the face begins to wrinkle more and shrink. The teeth maintain the shape of the cheeks and lips. Dental prosthetics allow you to regain facial features by restoring the supporting structures, making it look more aesthetically pleasing after the procedure.

2. Lack of one or more teeth can severely affect diet and eating habits
Without teeth, you have to give up your favorite food just because it can be difficult to chew. When all teeth are missing, this deficiency increases more. In this case, you may need to eat only liquid food, so often do not get a variety of vitamins and nutrients. Dental prosthetics allow you to return to a healthy, normal diet and favorite foods.

3. Teeth have a lot of influence on how we say words and speak
Without teeth, especially anterior ones, the pronunciation of some sounds can be difficult or even impossible. Once the teeth are restored, it is possible to speak again clearly, expressively, without lisping. Dental implants and prosthetics do not affect phonetics, and once you get used to them, you should regain the ability to speak clearly.

4. Lack of teeth has a big impact on self-confidence
Dental prosthetics allow you to smile widely again, to feel bold in public. Instead of constantly wondering if people don’t notice that you don’t have teeth, you can enjoy life again – all you need is a carefully performed prosthesis.

It’s no secret that a smile is an influential tool. Therefore, it is important to not postpone and make sure that dental prosthetics is performed as soon as possible. Having a beautiful and healthy smile will make you feel and look better.

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